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What is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is a manufacturing process of removing the material by using rotary cutters during production to get the parts done to the desired shape. Custom parts can be made to precise tolerances and desired shape in one or several axes by changing a wide variety of different cutters in various direction during the process. We can make plastic and metal CNC machining prototypes and volume production suit to customer's request.


Important Relationship

Between Design and CNC Milling

With the technology development and combined with different CNC machines, we are capable of creating different engineering parts for different industries.


But one of the main factors of creating a CNC machining part in a cost-effective price and fast lead time is that the designers can understand the possibility and limitation of CNC milling.


If the designer or engineer can design a part in a suitable for manufacturing process and bear in mind, design for manufacturing, the parts can be fabricated in the most optimal manufacturing way, by return, the cost and lead time will be reduced dramatically.


Take a very simple example, for the countersink holes, which are used for screw fitting. Normally, the holes dimension not need to be extremely precise and tolerance not be extremely tight. But you put the tolerance as +/-0.01mm. This will cost more CNC milling time and inspection time as more factors have to be taken into consideration during the production. This in the end will add up the final cost of the CNC milling parts.


Below are some design principles we think will affect the CNC milling and will help in the design for manufacturing in a certain way.

Tips for CNC Milling Parts Design

1.  Has the wall thickness design suitable?

2.  Are the undercut and chamfer, radius necessary?

3.  Has the suitable tolerance used and specified?

4.  Has the suitable threads and holes designed?

5.  Is the text necessary? Try to make it debossed instead of embossed if possible

6.  Has the feature necessary and simplified?

Making Your Product Idea A Reality

Send us your 3D file. Share with us your request. You will have your parts delivered on time.

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