Aerospace Industry


With the development of aerospace technology, the quality requirements of aerospace parts are becoming higher and higher. Aluminum alloy is widely used in aerospace parts because of its light weight and good performance. Due to the special properties of aluminum alloy material, the processing requirements are relatively high. Currently we generally provide complex CNC machining  and low volume CNC machining with tight tolerance for our aerospace customer.

Why 3A Prototype?

3A Prototype work with a wide range of industries and have the technical know how and rapid prototyping capabilities to ensure you get the right prototyping fit for your industry requirements. 

Fast Delivery

Prototype within 1 to 5 days.

Tooling within 1 to 2 week.

Competitive Price

Stable long-term material, machine cutters and finish subcontract

Professional Service

One-stop service and timely direct communication

Consistent Quality

ISO9001-2015 certificated and Comprehensive inspection Equipment

Aerospace Manufacturing Services

rapid prototyping

During your first product design and product development, you can come to us for our rapid prototyping service for your prototype test and design evaluation.

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Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a good manufacturing process to make good shape of models as per CAD file. 

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Low volume CNC machining

Low volume CNC machining is a production process of making engineering parts in bulk to keep the cost down while accurate sizes and final finish is met.

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Making Your Product Idea A Reality

Send us your 3D file. Share with us your request. You will have your parts delivered on time.

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