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Prototyping is the model of the design, which involves in every stage of the product development from the initial concept to the sign off of the pre-production. We make the rapid prototyping from CAD data into the real model, so designers and engineers can use these models to test and evaluate in cosmetic, concept, electronics, software programming systems analysis to see if the design is ok to release to production built.


Also prototyping can be used in marketing promotion, customers presentation, distribution display, exhibition and brand establishment. You can use the prototype to demonstrate and sell your idea. Therefore, getting a high-quality prototype at fast time is critical and extremely important for a company during product design and product development.Our company provides concept prototypes to functional prototypes to suit customers' request in different stages.


Over the years, our company have provided our customers durable quality prototypes in different process like CNC machining, SLA&SLS, Vacuum casting from a wide range of plastics and metal materials with various finishes. Prototype sizes can be small from 0.5mm up to 2meters in simple or complex structure.

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Using Our Prototyping Service, Enables You

Test and evaluate your product quickly

Improve the design effectively

Save money

Reduce risk

Get valuable Market Promotion

Shorten the time to get design into real product to the market

What Prototype We Can Make

· Plastic Prototype

· Metal Prototype

· Rubber and Silicone Prototype


· Proof of Concept Prototype ( POC)

· Visual Prototype

· Working Prototype

· Preproduction Prototype (Final Prototype)

· Aerospace

· Automotive

· Architectural

· Digital Communication

· Medical Device

· Consumer Products

· Transportatio

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