Project Management

and Outsurce


Outsourcing Accessories

We can also help customers outsource and do quality management and provide related service to different products like fasteners, wires, glass, spring, packaging, tape, die casting and so on.

The major intelligence of a business between China and Western companies is the communication, which includes concept definition, relevant information gathering, reports and feedback sharing. To be simple, the Chinese factories cannot understand the western’s project and quality requirement, and western customers cannot understand the way Chinese factories work.


3A Prototype is professionally offering wide range of research and analysis outsourcing services to our global clients.

With a high experience in plastic and metal industry for many years and located in the major special industry zone in China, we have built up very good business relationship with our accessory suppliers, so we can easily buy our own customers some accessory we don’t make ourselves at very competitive price in a short time. As we will deal directly with the shipment and quality management, our customers don’t have to spend a lot of time on searching and negotiating with worries to get bad quality parts.

Assembly and Packing Service

We help customers make plastic and metal parts. But we also provide mechanical assembly service to our customers. Customers can provide us the assembly requirement and packing requirement, we will handle it and send the finished parts to customers or to their direct distribution agents to sell directly to the market.

Making Your Product Idea A Reality

Send us your 3D file. Share with us your request. You will have your parts delivered on time.

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