Low Volume CNC Machining

50 to 1000pcs /batch

0.5 to 600mm Size

Various Plastic and Metal

Various Plastic and Metal


It is tough to find a right supplier for precision machining when the job requires small batches and short runs about 50 to 1000quantities. These quantities are highly prevalent in complex industries like medical, robot, aerospace, architecture etc. Our company efficiently and effectively produce low volume machined parts at low price with fast delivery.

For metal parts, especially like aluminum, stainless teel etc, CNC machining is the most suitable technology in short run manufacturing. Our company is very competitive in making CNC machining parts at quantity from 50 to 1000 pcs.

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Our Advantages of Low Volume CNC Machining

1.  Fast and Effective Set up Process

Set up is the critical factor of low volume precision machining. The lower the quantity of the parts, the higher the cost of the part. Therefore, fast and effective set up process is crucial in time minimization and cost reduction.


What CNC machining machines are to use? What direction the workpiece is rotating? what types of cutters and tools are to use? What fixtures are to make? What inspection process is involved? Getting these answers before production is of great importance to ensure we build up a fast and efficient set up and a production line. Keeping continue improvement during the test trials will minimize our waste on material, CNC machining time in the final production and put the final cost down.

2.  One-Stop Service

With a wide range of 3 and 5 axis CNC milling, CNC turning and EDM machines, we can CNC machining the parts in different directions and take simultaneous operations and minimize lead time. We have 68 off 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machines, and also like CNC, lathe, EDM, engraving, bead blasting and a professional finish team, so we can provide one-stop parts.  which can ensure we have enough capacity for different volumes projects from different customers in the same time.


With continue production of parts in different industries and materials, we make a lot of fixtures, cutters and tools, threads, this will help us make parts with accurate dimension and reduce the cost.

3.  Skilled and Experienced CNC operation and Engineering team

One of the critical factors that ensure we are competitive in volume CNC machining is having a professional team of properly trained CNC operators and engineers. Most of our CNC operators and engineers have experienced over 10 to 15 years with great work passion and high responsibility. During the CNC machining production, our operators and engineers and inspectors work together closely to ensure every department understands the work request and structuration and waste no time in set up, production and inspection process. Whiles, when there is any problem caused during the work flow, they can efficiently and effectively solve the problem.

4.  Large Inspection Capability and Effective Inspection Process

How to get the parts CNC machining in precise dimension and good surface is the first step of volume production. But during the process, inspection fast and correctly is always very difficult in many CNC machining shops but it is crucial.


Our company has a great inspection team with trained and experienced inspectors focus on volume product inspection. CMM, 2D optical machines, digital caliper, height gauge, etc.


We are doing our first of articles to ensure the production is running correctly and smoothly. If there is any problem, the production will stop right away. Our overall comprehensive inspection capability and capacity help us provide consistent quality, competitive price volume product CNC machining parts to our customers with fast delivery.

What Parts Are Suitable Our Low Volume CNC Machining Capability?

Production Volume:

50 to 1000pcs/batch

Production Leadtime:

3 to 2 weeks/batch


0.5mm to 600mm


plastic and metal

Making Your Product Idea A Reality

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