Quality Control


3A Prototype invests a huge amount of money to inspection equipment and inspectors training. We have set up a quality control system and ensure every part is inspected and approved to release by inspection department prior to shipment. The basic goal of our quality control is to ensure our products and service can meet specific requirements from customers and ensure our production can be dependable, satisfactory and consistent.

Our Major Inspection Equipment

 Inspection Tool Name 



CMM (660LBS and


Geometry and size check

It mainly refers to an instrument for measuring through three-dimensional point taking. Can be utomatic measurement, suitable for batch production

2D measurement explorer

(VIEMAX C4.3.2 and


Multiple data measurement

It is a high-precision and high-efficiency precision measuring instrument integrating software, light, machinery and electricity. Can be utomatic measurement, suitable for batch production

Height gauge

Height measurement

Its main purpose is to measure the height of the workpiece. In addition, it is often used to measure the shape and position tolerance dimensions.

Internal micrometer

(12mm to 100mm

internal holes)


Internal holes  

Precision measurement of internal dimension

Optical microscope 

By magnifying the specific

shape of the object, studying the sizes and shape

Very tiny holes and burrs, scratch, material inside bubbles etc


Rubber, plastic hardness test


Digital Calipers

Geometry and size check

The reading is intuitive, easy to use and has various functions

Pin gauge

Internal holes check

Can be 1 to 10mm small holes, tolerance can be 0.001mm

Thread gauge

Thread check


Plug gauge  

Gap check

It is mainly used to check the gap between the two joint surfaces

Edge to hole center caliper

Edge to hole distance check


Other inspection tools/equipment

 Check with us if you want to know our other inspection tools and equipment

How Does 3A Prototype Do the Quality Control?

We will do the FA inspection and rolling inspection, for high volume production, we do CPK analysis.

Detail Inspection include:

Dimension Inspection

Parts critical dimensions will be checked according to 2D or customers special tolerance or our standard ISO2768 tolerance

Visual Check

We will check the surfaces to see if any defect on the surface and also compare the parts to 3D file to see if any feature is missing.

Small Features Check

We will use microscope to check internal very small features and burrs.

Color Match check

Parts color will be checked according to customer's sample, RAL or Pantone book.

Threads and Holes test

We have a few sets of threads and pin gauges to test the holes and threads. Our pin gauge tolerance can be +/-0.001mm.

Making Your Product Idea A Reality

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