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Sheet Metal is a kind of technology, with metal formed into flat sheets through a rolling, bending, punching, forming or hammering process, depending on the type of metal and the structure. Its remarkable feature is that the thickness of the same part is the same.

Sheet Metal Advantages

Compared with other cutting processes, sheet metal processing and cutting technology has the advantages of high speed, high precision and high adaptability, fine cutting seam, small heat affected zone (small deformation), good cutting end face quality, no noise, weld zone group and performance close to the base metal; Moreover, the processing only needs simple fixtures and no molds. It can replace the processing method of punching with complex molds, which can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce the production cost. 

1. Product aging resistance.

2. No pollution in production.

3. Waste products can be treated without environment pollution.

4. The product can be with high strength and easy maintenance.

Design Tips for Sheet Metal Parts

Cost Rationality

The first consideration for the rationality of sheet metal design is the cost. The positioning of the high, middle and end of the product should be clear, which involves material selection, process layout, surface treatment and decoration, so as to achieve the cost rationality.

Material Rationality

Before the material is determined, the designers have to fully consider the factors such as product application and environment. Reasonably selecting raw materials and surface treatment process is very critical in cost reduction of sheet metal parts.

Structure Rationality

Sheet metal focuses on stiffness rather than strength, so the section design of bending parts should be reasonable. Also, during sheet metal design, the designer also has to consider to minimize the curve surface and put it in a reasonably scope. Thickness has to be reasonably considered as well.






Process Rationality

The manufacturability of a product is needed to be verified in the

production line.So, designers have to consider a lot of factors from manufacturing view,such as 
1. avoidance of bending

2. the design of welding joint and weld cannot affect

    the deformation after welding
3. the number, size and edge distance of punching mesh

    cannot affect the flatness 

4. the edge of electroplated parts cannot be crushed

3A Prototype Sheet Metal Service

Sheet metal process is available for a wide variety of parts. 3A Prototype now can help customers with sheet metal parts in various grades of aluminum, stainless steel and steel. Combine with CNC machines, we can make sheet metal parts to customer’s required design with post machining features.


Ordinary cold rolled sheet, refers to the continuous rolling of steel ingot into steel coil or sheet with required thickness by cold rolling mill. There is no protection on the surface of SPCC, which is easy to be oxidized when exposed to the air. Especially in humid environment, the oxidation speed is accelerated and dark red rust appears. The surface shall be painted, electroplated or otherwise protected.






Galvanized steel sheet, is a general cold-rolled steel. After degreasing, pickling, electroplating and various post-treatment processes in the continuous electro galvanizing production line, it becomes an electro galvanizing product. SECC has not only the mechanical properties similar to the general cold-rolled steel sheets, but also has superior corrosion resistance and decorative appearance. It has great competitiveness and substitutability in the market of electronic products, household appliances and furniture. For example, SECC is widely used in computer machine box.


Hot dip galvanized steel, refers to the semi-finished products after hot-rolled pickling or cold rolling, which are cleaned, annealed, immersed in the zinc melting tank with a temperature of about 460 ° C, and then coated with zinc layer, then quenched, tempered and leveled and chemically treated. SGCC material is harder than SECC material, with poor ductility (avoiding deep pumping design), thicker zinc layer and poor weldability.





Stainless Steel

Various stainless-steel code, resistant to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media. Normally with brushing, engraving or natural finish.


Various aluminum code, normally with powder coating, painting or other coating protection.


Other Steel





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