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What is CNC Turning?

Turning has two big type. One is with traditional lathe and has to be done partial manually with continue operation by operators. This process will regularly lead to mistakes and errors and cannot guarantee accurate dimension and good quality.


The other is an CNC turning. All the operation is done automatedly with computer numerical control. Thanks to the technology development and computer advancement, CNC turning lead the engineering industry to a better level and make it easy than before to manufacturing reliable cylindrical components. With CNC turning, parts and components with tight tolerance and critical specifications can be manufactured efficiently.


CNC turning is a manufacturing process of holding the material bars and pipes or tubes in a chuck by rotating to remove material and form the desired workpieces out of the DAD.

CNC turning material can be different grades of metal, plastics and even woods.


When turning, the rigid material bars will be rotated and cutting tool will travel along and cut and remove the material. Turning can be done in the internal or external of the cylinder and get the desired shape done. For these years, we are dedicated to improving our CNC milling and turning capabilities to build customers reliable components and tools. CNC turning is a good option for your parts with a cylindrical feature.

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The Advantages of CNC Turning

1.  Fast Lead Time

2. Less waste on material

3. Safer industrial operations

4. Accurate dimension

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