Electrical Discharge Machining, known as EDM, or spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion, is  a manufacturing process of forming a desired shape by using continuously moving fine metal wire (called electrode wire) to etch the metal and cut the workpiece by pulse spark discharge.


EDM is following the principle of removing the material on the surface of the workpiece layer by layer by using the instantaneous high temperature generated by the spark between the electrode and the workpiece. EDM is suitable for machining high hardness conductive workpiece.


EDM normally is used for very hard metal parts or for those parts with very complex feature which cannot be machined with traditional machining techniques.Our company have traditional EDM machines and also mirror EDM machines to make parts according to various request.


The Advantages of CNC EDM

1.  Mirror EDM can realize the vertical corner of the workpiece; This cannot be realized by milling, because milling must have R angle.

2.  No huge machining force; Therefore, the machine tool is relatively light and does not need to be installed according to the foundation.

3.  It is suitable for any hard, brittle, tough, soft and high melting point metal materials.

4.  There is no cutting force in EDM; Therefore, the processed material has no deformation, which can well ensure its machining accuracy.

5.  There is almost no influence of heat during machining, so the heat affected layer can be reduced and the workpiece quality after machining can be improved.

6.  The tool electrode material of EDM does not need to be harder than the workpiece material, so the tool electrode is easy to manufacture.


7.  EDM is non-contact machining, therefore the electrode is not in contact with the workpiece during machining. Compared with other processing methods, it will not cause hard damage to the workpiece.

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