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On-demanding Manufacturing of plastic

and metal prototype

and injection molding production

CNC Machining-Smartphone Gimbal

We help one of our European customers to make some plastics and metal components for their smartphone gimbal production. The users can use their phone’s capable camera instead of action came. This smartphone gimbal is designed to solve the problem that smartphone is shaky to handle on anything that is moving. We are very proud that the customer is very happy with the parts we make and with many thanks, we can take part in making this good product.


Manufacturing Process: CNC milling, CNC machining, CNC turning and EDM and Vacuum Casting.

Material Involved: rubber, aluminum, stainless steel, PPS. ABS.

Tolerance: ISO2768-F. The sizes have to be very accurate to ensure the parts are fit perfect. 

Finish:  Painting, Clean Anodizing, Black anodizing, UV coating, bead blasting, polishing.




Surface has to be very high quality as most of the surfaces are cosmetic surface. Also the assembly has to be well fix and the tolerance has to be very tight especially for the holes, has to be +/-0.01mm.

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